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SparkDialog Podcasts tell the stories of science that’s deeply entwined with our society.

It tells the stories of the history of space travel and the Cold War, healthcare in the developing world, what Buddhism and neuroscience have in common, and how Artificial Intelligence is flexing its creative muscles and composing music.  It tells us how 3D printed buildings might help us live on Mars, or how we might eat lab-grown meat and insects in the future as the world’s population grows.  It tells the stories of science and tech in our lives.  We are the characters of this story.  Science grabs us and changes us.  Those are the stories of SparkDialog Podcasts.

Episodes are around a half hour long, and are released every other week.  Often, we’re joined by one or more guests… and guests are diverse!  Some work for the government or tech companies, others are in academia or are inventors.  They are from around the world – from India, Germany, the Caribbean, the UK, Zimbabwe, and everywhere in between!

I named my Roomba George.
Elizabeth Fernandez

SparkDialog Podcasts is produced and hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Fernandez.  Elizabeth has a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Texas in Austin, where she studied the first stars that formed in the Universe.  She has created several groups to foster the conversation between science and the humanities and for interfaith relations.  After several years in academia, she realized the things she loved the most were public speaking and writing about the stories behind science.  About four years ago, she became a science communicator.

Elizabeth has lived around the US and Europe, and has traveled the world, from Silicon Valley to telescopes on remote mountaintops.  She has met the faces of science – from high school entrepreneurs in India to German companies figuring out how to bake bread in space.

Besides science, she loves all things art and music.  She is a professional photographer and plays several musical instruments, with the hopes of learning several (hundred) more.

What Fans Are Saying

Great Topics with Great Guests!

Very impressed with the breadth of topics presented. I have a strong interest in science and technology and SPARKDIALOG is spot-on! Takes complex topics and makes them very understandable. Definitely looking forward to more podcasts! – Malachite

Great show!

The host/moderator (whose voice I love) is open to different views, and the questions she asks shows how well she has done her homework before the interview. Since she also knows how to interview interesting guests the show ends up being quite informative. Thank you.  – Anlor

Accessible and fascinating!

No advanced degrees necessary to enjoy this great find for science fans.  The topics are wide ranging and I walk away learning something new each time I listen.  Elizabeth does a great job leading the conversation and making sure that the experts communicate in a way that’s understandable and interesting for the audience.  – Natewang19

How to Listen

How to listen

There are lots of ways to listen!

You can listen right here on the website.  In addition, SparkDialog is on all major podcast repositories, such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, Spotify, and tons of podcast apps!  Search for SparkDialog Podcasts or say “Alexa, play SparkDialog Podcasts”!

If you need more help on how to listen, subscribe, or rate the podcast, check out this handy guide!

New to SparkDialog Podcasts?

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