A podcast on science and society

SparkDialog is a podcast on science and society. But it doesn't stop there. It shows us how new scientific discoveries are changing how we look at the universe, how new technology is affecting our lives, and even shakes it up with history, economics, philosophy, ethics, religion, and culture to provide an integrated look at science in our world. Check out all the podcasts on the podcast page or the latest below!  Find SparkDialog on social media!  Or subscribe to and rate the podcast!

Coming Back!

SparkDialog Podcasts is returning for Season 4 with all new episodes on March 5th!


Elizabeth Fernandez is a scientific writer and a public speaker, interested in different ways of looking at the world around us, often combining varying perspectives in science, technology, philosophy, and ethics. She is the host of SparkDialog Podcasts, a podcast on science and society. Our world is constantly being reshaped by new ideas, and she concentrates on finding new connections that help us to better understand how science and technology are affecting our everyday lives, and, perhaps more importantly, changing how we see ourselves in the greater context of the universe.

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