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New York Underwater: Art and Climate Change

What if you could taste climate change, feel it? Today our guest Carolyn Hall explains how she uses storytelling, imagery, and art to educate about the science of climate change. She even takes us on a time traveling adventure to see what New York City will be like 30 years in the future.

New York and Climate Change
AI in healthcare

The Problems and Promise of AI in Healthcare

AI has enormous promise when being used in healthcare. But to avoid potential problems, misdiagnoses, and bias, we have to understand why these problems occur. Guest Dr. Muhammad Ahmad joins us on the podcast.

Floods in India – A View of Climate Change from Under the River

There are places in the world where climate change cannot be ignored.  One of those areas is North Bihar, India.  Today’s podcast guest, Dr. Luisa Cortesi, is an environmental anthropologist studying water disasters.  She just happened to be living in India when two of the region’s largest floods hit.  Today she speaks on climate change, caste, culture, and what it’s like when an enormous river suddenly changes course.

Floods in Bihar
AI Ethics Vatican

AI, Ethics, and the Vatican

Pope Francis has taken a special interest in science. Part of his interest is AI – particularly, how to make AI systems more ethical. Today, we are joined by Dr. Brian Patrick Green, the Director of Technology Ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. We discuss why ethics in AI systems is important, from suggested videos on YouTube to privacy to how AI algorithms decide who is approved for a loan. We also discuss what exactly morality is, if AI could ever approach human intelligence, and what exactly makes the human mind so special.

Grief in the Time of COVID

Today we are joined by Kristel Clayville, a hospital chaplain who served during COVID to discuss medicine, grief, religion, how sparse medical resources are allocated, how fractured our medical system is, and what it’s like to stand in for family for those dying of COVID.

Grief and Covid
quantum entanglement and consciousness

Quantum Entanglement, Consciousness, and the Nature of Reality

Quantum entanglement is weird. Two particles can share properties no matter where they are in the Universe. Have they always shared these properties, and they are somehow hidden from us, or do they decide these properties the moment they are measured, and somehow communicate across the vastness of space, instantaneously? Or is something else at work? Can people become entangled? Can we put a human consciousness in a sort of “Schrodinger’s Cat” situation, where they are in two states at once? And is your reality the same as my reality? Guest Dr. Eric Cavalcanti addresses these questions and more on this episode of SparkDialog Podcasts.

Gratefulness, Hope, and COVID

Gratefulness and COVID feel like they don’t belong in the same sentence. But a year into this pandemic, perhaps there are some lessons we can learn, and some ways that this year has changed us all – maybe for the better.  Today, our guest is John Van Sloten, a pastor who often preaches on the connections between science and religion.

Social Distancing

Merging Man and Machine: Transhumanism and Religion

Today, I am joined by Seth Villegas from Boston University’s School of Theology to talk about transhumanism – gradually merging body with machine to become faster, stronger, or even live forever. Why is this movement so appealing? And what does this apparently secular movement have to do with religion?

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