Science and technology are everywhere in our lives. This podcast takes a look not only at the science itself, but its role in society, how it affects our lives, and how it influences how we define ourselves as humans. Episodes also throw in a mix of culture, history, ethics, philosophy, religion, and the future! Hosted by Elizabeth Fernandez, an astronomer and science communicator. Let’s spark some dialog!  How to subscribe to and rate the podcast.


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This Is Not A Normal Podcast Episode

Yes, COVID-19 has turned the world upside down.I just wanted to remind you you are not alone in this. As humans, we survive – together.

Feed the world

Yes, It’s Possible To Feed The World

Is it possible to feed the world without over-taxing the planet? I talk to Prof. Dieter Gerten and ask how many people we can feed while staying within the planet’s boundaries.

How We Found Out Meteors Are Actually Little Rocks From Space Burning Up In The Atmosphere

People didn’t always know that meteors were from space. How did they figure THAT out? From the moments of terror during historical meteor storms to clever ways that early astronomers figured out what meteors were, I take you on a journey through the history of meteor showers.

self-driving car

From Self-Driving Cars to Autonomous Weapons Systems – Can We Trust AI?

Can we trust machines that are making decisions for us? What if these decisions are life or death? We talk to Dr. David Danks about self-driving cars, autonomous weapons systems, and AI algorithms, and how we can trust machines that think but don’t feel.

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