Ep 45: Can Science Help Us Live Forever? – with guest Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Can science help us live forever?

Can science help us live forever?  Or maybe for just a really long time?  Death has always been with us, our last big adventure, the giant question mark that ends our lives.  Philosophers and religious have tried to understand it.  And many people fear it.  As long as we can remember, people have searched for the fountain of youth.  And while we live much longer and healthier lives than our ancestors, it’s still a far cry from immortality.

But what if science could change that?  What if, using our knowledge of the human body, we could combat aging, just like we would maintain an aging car?  If so, we could keep our bodies in excellent working condition, looking and feeling young well into triple digits.

Can science help us live forever and stop aging? Dr. Aubrey de Grey joins us on the podcast.

Today, we are joined by Dr. Aubrey de Grey.  We discuss the questions – can science help us live forever and what can we do to combat aging?  Aubrey is the Chief Science Officer at the SENS Research Foundation, a research institution that seeks to develop new medicines to prevent aging.  Aubrey’s research is controversial, however, no one has yet to find a flaw in his logic.  We discuss why our bodies grow old and how regular maintenance rather than cures can help prolong our lives.  We also discuss what a world without aging would look like and the ethical issues associated with ridding the world of mortality.

You can follow Aubrey @aubreydegrey.

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