Ep 62: Improving Women’s Healthcare: The Calla Campaign: with guests Libby Dotson and Andrea Kim

improving women's healthcare

No women should ever die of cervical cancer.  It grows very slowly, giving time for detection.  In a perfect world, it would be discovered before it grows into its deadly form.  But in reality, there are many barriers to women’s healthcare.  Lack of access.  Cost.  Misinformation.  And shame when talking about the female body.  Let’s discuss improving women’s healthcare.

Today, we talk about an inexpensive device called the Callascope, designed for improving women’s healthcare.  It is small and affordable, using a machine learning algorithm to detect cervical cancer.  This device can streamline exams and make them more comfortable and accessible to women worldwide.  I am joined by Libby Dotson and Andrea Kim.  Libby is a graduate from Duke and works for the Center for Global Women’s Health Technologies.  She also has directed the curation of the (In)visible Organ exhibit, part of the Calla Campaign.    Andrea is a documentarian, working with the Calla Campaign to create a documentary about the development and implementation of the Callascope.  Finally, we discuss the accompanying art exhibit, how to revolutionize women’s healthcare, how women can improve the relationships that they have with their own bodies.

Background music you hear are clips from Sardana by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) licensed under CC by 3.0, Quiet Rain by onlymeith licensed under CC by 3.0, City Sunshine by Kevin MacLeod licensed under CC0, and Reverie (small theme) by _ghost licensed under CC by 3.0.


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