Ep. 22: Your Body in Space – with guest Dr. Ronke Olabisi

body in space

Your body is a delicate machine, and space is a harsh environment. And even though astronauts have gone no farther than the moon, they have been subjected to high radiation rates, deteriorating vision, and atrophy of bones and muscles. If we want to travel to Mars or even beyond, or extend an individual human’s time in space, we have to understand how the body in space will fare and how to protect it.

The challenges that the body in space faces are many. Normally, the Earth protects us from radiation, provides us with a temperate climate, and has a gravity field that we have evolved to thrive in. In space, all of these are stripped away. But there is hope. Today we talk to Dr. Ronke Olabisi, a biomedical engineer who has studied everything from bone to the eye. She discusses clever ways to overcome problems that astronauts will face in space. In addition, we can utilize some of these techniques here on Earth.

Ronke is also a part of the team of 100 Year Starship.  100YSS seeks to send humans to the stars within the next 100 years.  It may seem ambitious, but the journey is more important.  Huge accomplishments have come whenever we choose to explore – accomplishments that vastly improve our lives.

Once again, it is proof that great technological strides come whenever we explore the stars.

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