Ep. 21: The Energy Future of America – from Renewable Energy to Carbon-Negative Technology – with guest Dr. David Babson

Renewable Energy and Carbon-Negative Technology

Deploying renewable energy is a huge step in slowing climate change.  But do you know that in the long term, it will also be cheaper?  Right now, countries around the world are looking for new environmentally friendly energy sources.  These strategies will not only help the environment, but will also be economically preferable.  Where will the United States come in? We talk to Dr. David Babson from the DOE on SparkDialog Podcasts about the energy future of the US, climate change, and renewable energy.

Today, we talk to Dr. David Babson, a technology manager who works within the US Department of Energy.  David not only looks at renewable resources, but also new technologies that will help clean carbon dioxide out of the air while providing energy.  This carbon-negative technology, called BECCS (bio-energy with carbon capture and storage), use plants that, while they are living, capture carbon out of the atmosphere.  These plants are then used to provide energy or product at the end of their lives.

It’s the carbon cycle reimagined.  From energy production to deriving products from plants to mining the atmosphere directly, these new technologies hold great promise of not only removing carbon from the atmosphere, but for providing us with new exciting technologies and helping the economy.


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