Ep 86: The Science of Subjectivity: The World Your Brain Creates – with guest Dr. Jorge Morales

The science of subjectivity

The world you see is not really the world that exists. Your eyes and your brain are working together to “lie” to you all the time.  But, they don’t do this with some evil vendetta in mind.  In reality, they do it to make sense of the enormous amount of information flowing in from the world around you.  They have to make projections about what really exists.  And sometimes, they get it wrong.  Welcome to the science of subjectivity.

We can see this in all sorts of real world examples.  Trying to catch that softball? Your brain is guessing where it’s going to go before it gets there.  We also see it in optical illusions, where we are presented with proof that what our brain interprets is wrong.

Today, I’m talking to Dr. Jorge Morales.  Jorge is a Provost’s Postdoctoral Researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Chaz Firestone’s Perception and Mind Lab. Jorge studies the science of subjectivity, using philosophy, psychology and neuroscience to understand the human mind—from how we see the world to how we become conscious of it.  Do you need to be conscious to form a subjective opinion about the world?  How do you even scientifically study subjectivity in the first place, when science is objective?  We also explore optical illusions, all of the different ways our brain lies to us, and why we need subjectivity in the first place.

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