Ep 87: Environmental Racism and Climate Change – with guest Dr. Gregory Simpson

environmental racism

From islands in the South Pacific that are drowning under rising waters to communities like Flint, Michigan, communities of color, both in the US and around the world, are hit harder from climate change. It’s something called environmental racism.  Sadly, sometimes these communities do little to contribute to climate change.

But surprisingly, some people within these communities don’t even know the problems that exist within their own community.  For them, this is just the way it is. They don’t know it any other way.

Today, our guest is Dr. Gregory Simpson. Gregory is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church and has a doctorate in organic chemistry.  Gregory believes the key to combating environmental racism, and even climate change, boils down to education.  And right now, education leaves a lot to be desired.

Gregory co-founded Learning for Life Solutions, an organization that identifies students’ passions to help them learn.  Through education, everyone will have a voice when it comes to climate change.  And, let’s face it, climate change is such a complex problem that it’s going to take all of us to solve it.

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