Ep 93: Gratefulness, Hope, and COVID – with guest John Van Sloten

Gratefulness Covid

We are a COVID-weary people.  It’s been about a year since lockdown really began.  Happy quarantine-versary?  But in all seriousness, we often have been talking about COVID, but we rarely talk about gratefulness and COVID in the same sentence.

Yet, while teaching us how to properly wash our hands and all sorts of ways to estimate the distance of six feet, perhaps this pandemic has taught us something else – how to be grateful.  Today our guest is John Van Sloten. John is a pastor, writer and (occasional) seminary teacher from Calgary. He’s been part of 5 Templeton Foundation-funded projects over the past 10 years—each exploring the intersection of faith and science in the context of preaching.  John talks to us about a different side of COVID – how mask-wearing can be a spiritual exercise, why people, in this case doctors and nurses, risk their lives for strangers, and how we can all learn a little something about what gratefulness and COVID have to do with one another, and perhaps change for the better when this is done.

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