Ep 94: Quantum Entanglement, Consciousness, and the Nature of Reality- with guest Dr. Eric Cavalcanti

quantum entanglement and consciousness

Today, we’re talking about two deep subjects – quantum entanglement and consciousness.

If physics has taught us anything, it is that the world in which we live in is really weird.

Just look at quantum physics.  Schrödinger said – put in a cat in a box, and he could be alive and dead at the same time until you observe it. Somehow, the act of observation is fundamental in determining what happens in the Universe.

But what happens if you put your friend in the box? Could a conscious person be in two states at once? If not, what makes consciousness so special? Can macroscopic objects become entangled? And what can quantum entanglement and consciousness tell us about the nature of reality?

It’s questions like this that our guest loves to ponder. Dr. Eric Cavalcanti is a theoretical physicist, an ARC Future Fellow, and Associate Professor at the Centre for Quantum Dynamics at Griffith University, in sunny Queensland, Australia. He explores the fundamental nature of the quantum world through philosophical, mathematical and experimental enquiry by using experimental metaphysics. Experimental metaphysics may sound like an oxymoron, but according to Eric, it is simply chipping away models of the world that don’t work – and seeing what we are left with.

So does our model of physics really work? How important are observations, really, to determine what our Universe looks like? How do quantum entangled particles on opposite sides of the Universe communicate instantaneously? Or do they? Can people be put in quantum entanglement?

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