Ep. 26: The Ethics of Augmented Reality and Our Future – with guest Liv Erickson

ethics of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has many exciting applications.  You can play games such as Pokémon Go, use AR to rearrange the furniture in your living room, or even get a glimpse of how you would look in a new hairstyle.  But when considering these possibilities, it is also important to consider privacy issues and the ethics of Augmented Reality.  How will companies use your private information, like your location and images of your surroundings?  Will you be assaulted with pop-up ads every time you walk past a store wearing your AR glasses?  And what about people who don’t want their images taken and processed, yet who happen to be in the background of a person who is using an AR headset?

Aside from privacy, there are other things to consider.  Augmented Reality has the ability to transform how we interact as a society.  How will we use it, and how far are we willing to go?

Today we talk with Liv Erickson, a software engineer at High Fidelity, who works on Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems.  We discuss the ethics of Augmented Reality and some of the most exciting applications that are heading our way.  So strap on your headsets and enjoy the podcast!

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