Ep. 25: Sustainability – The Bigger Picture – with guest Dr. Oliver Putz


When you think of protecting our planet, what comes to mind?  Making a better world for your children?  Cleaning up your neighborhood?  Often, we think of that which we see around us – our communities, our lives, and our loved ones.  There is nothing wrong with that response.  But perhaps, when looking at sustainability, we can take a larger view.

Today in the podcast, we are joined by Dr. Oliver Putz.  Oliver is a theologian and a biologist that works at a sustainability think tank in Germany, the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies.  Oliver’s unique background gives him a slightly different perspective, which focuses on a comprehensive view of the planet.  He shows us that climate change and the growing ecological crisis are affecting plants, animals, and people half a world away, and why should we be concerned for their own sake.  We are in a global community, and in order to manage climate change and the ecological crisis, we will have to start thinking beyond our own communities.

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