Ep. 33: From Steak to Insects – The Future of Food – with guest Max Elder

Future of Food

With the population of the world growing, the future of food will be quite different than what we are used to. With the global population becoming more concentrated in urban centers, transportation of food will also need to change. Just like common food choices have evolved over the centuries, what we will be eating in the future will also need to evolve.

So what will we eat in the future? Will we be able to keep our steaks, or will we all have to start eating insects? What are the most sustainable sources of protein that are also sustainable for the world’s growing population?

Today’s podcast guest is Max Elder, who is a Research Manager in the Food Futures Lab at the Institute for the Future.  We talk about what we can expect to see in the future of food.  While we may eat less meat, we might not all have to give up steak completely.  We discuss creative ways to incorporate more plants into our diet and to get protein from different sources.  And yes, we discuss  insect based protein bars.  But we also discuss how technology will affect what we eat, from GMOs to steak grown in the lab.

Hungry yet?

2 thoughts on “Ep. 33: From Steak to Insects – The Future of Food – with guest Max Elder

  1. When I first started listening to this I thought…no one is taking away my steak! But I was pleasantly surprised and grew more interested in the topic as it went on. Thanks for opening my eyes not only to the future of food, but the need to improve how we get our food and the possibility of doing away with hunger in the future in spite of our growing population by producing more and better food without the waste!

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