Ep. 29: Teaching Science with Animals and Travel – with guest Dr. Meenakshi Prabhune


Science is all around us, but sometimes, it is easy to be intimidated by the formulas, math, and terminology.  That’s why today’s guest, Dr. Meenakshi Prabhune (or Minu for short), goes about teaching science using things we see in everyday life and things we can relate to – namely, animals.  Growing up in India, she had experiences hiding from geckos that frequently snuck into her house.  Later, this made her wonder – how do geckos climb walls?  She also saw snakes which made her question – why don’t snakes have legs?  By looking at animals, she tackles subjects such as biophysics and genetics in a way that everyone can relate to.

Minu also brings her passion for teaching science into her travels as well.  She points out that whenever we travel, there are many ways to learn more about science from the world around us.

Minu is a science communicator, and today, I interview her about the methods she uses in teaching science in her own science articles, found at Backpack Full of Questions.  This interview is part of a joint effort.  Minu also interviews me about my work on this podcast series.  Both of these interviews are appearing in a section called “Across the Bench” within Signal to Noise Magazine.  So after you listen to the podcast, head over to read her interview of me as well.

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