Ep. 28: Autism Therapy and Zen – with guest Anlor Davin

autism therapy

Autism hasn't always been well understood in the community.  In fact, no more than a few decades ago, people were frequently misdiagnosed or even institutionalized.  Today in the podcast, we talk to Anlor Davin.  Anlor has autism, and she discusses her own autism therapy.

Anlor grew up in France.  She was not diagnosed with autism as a child.  Yet she knew somehow she was "different", and often struggled to fit in.  She ended up moving to the United States, where she needed to adjust to a new language and a new culture.  She taught in the violent South Side neighborhood of Chicago and eventually married and had a child.

Through all of this, though, she still didn't understand the condition she had was autism.  In her struggles to be normal, her life slowly fell apart.

But in the end, Anlor found her own type of salvation through Zen.  She started meditating, and began a journey that was  a special type of autism therapy for her.  It taught her focus and helped her find her center.  Only years later was Anlor diagnosed.

It's an amazing journey, and today, Anlor shares with us her story, what it's like to have autism, and her own autism therapy through meditation.  Anlor also wrote the book Being Seen about her experiences.

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