Ep 64: Thriving with Autism through Art: with guests Colin Weiss and Harish Bikmal

thriving with autism

Living with autism has many challenges.  One of these is making a living as an adult.  Especially for individuals with severe autism, this can seem like a challenging, insurmountable task.  Today we talk to two individuals who have their own personal experiences with autism and thriving with autism.

Colin Weiss is a Research Assistant for the Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Institute at George Washington University.  He studies autism in both children and adults, and develops strategies for adults to use to successfully navigate many everyday challenges.  Besides studying autism, Colin himself is autistic.  He speaks about his own challenges and successes.

Harish Bikmal also experienced autism.  His son, Himal, was diagnosed with a severe form of non-verbal autism at the age of two. Harish and his wife struggled to develop Himal’s talents, until finally they discovered the right fit – painting.  As Himal produced more and more of his paintings, Harish co-founded a startup called Zenaviv with his other son, Saket.  Zenaviv is a small business that helps children and their caregivers and adults with autism develop their artistic talents and make a living off of art.

Today we talk all about what is known about autism, thriving with autism through art, and finding each individual’s unique gift to the world.

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