Art and Climate Change

Ep 99: New York Underwater: Art and Climate Change – with guest Carolyn Hall

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What would it be like if New York City was partially underwater?  What would it feel like, what would it taste like?  How would the economy continue to tick, how would commuters reach their jobs?  To answer this, our guest today uses art to tell the narrative of climate change.   We aren’t all numbers people.  […]

thriving with autism

Ep 64: Thriving with Autism through Art: with guests Colin Weiss and Harish Bikmal

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Living with autism has many challenges.  One of these is making a living as an adult.  Especially for individuals with severe autism, this can seem like a challenging, insurmountable task.  Today we talk to two individuals who have their own personal experiences with autism and thriving with autism. Colin Weiss is a Research Assistant for the […]

Cartoons and science

Ep 53: Down the Rabbit Hole: Scientific Comics and Storytelling – with guest Dr. Matteo Farinella

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When you think of ways general science is communicated to the public, you probably think of a PBS documentary, a fun youtube video, the science section of Barnes and Nobel, or maybe even your favorite podcast (wink wink). But can scientific comics be an equally effective way at communicating science?   Matteo Farinella thinks so. Matteo […]