Ep 39: Can AI be Creative? – with guest Dr. Maya Ackerman


There’s no denying that artificial intelligence can do a lot.  It can solve problems we cannot solve.  It can take us for a spin around town.  It even is able to hold a conversation with us.  But can it be creative?

Some consider creativity solely a human endeavor.  However, today we are looking at the possibility that AI can be creative – namely, AI creativity in songwriting.

I introduce you to ALYSIA, a songwriting AI that creates catchy and innovative melodies for lyrics that human collaborators provides.  Using deep learning, ALYSIA comes up with melodies that don’t follow the rules of traditional music, producing results that are sometimes astounding, sometimes catchy, but always unique.  Can AI be creative? We talk to Dr. Maya Ackerman, who wrote an AI that composes music on the podcast.

Dr. Maya Ackerman joins us on the podcast to discuss her “daughter” ALYSIA.  Maya is a Computer Engineering Professor at Santa Clara University and founder and CEO of WaveAI Inc.  We discuss what ALYSIA does, how it can help songwriters and students of music, and even how its introduction will change how we define creativity.

To listen to an entire song that was created with AI, check out “Believe in Us“, created by ALYSIA with help from human producer Dusti Miraglia and sung by Maya Ackerman and Sara Miraglia.

Want to try to compose a song with the help of ALYSIA?  Enter the ALYSIA songwriting contest!  You’ll get a chance to see how AI creativity in songwriting works, as well as a chance to win $300 and a spot on ALYSIA’s upcoming album.  The deadline is March 17th.


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