Ep 66: What the Future May Hold: The Future of Technology – with guest Brian David Johnson

Future of Technology

No one knows what the future may hold.  Or can they?  Today on the podcast, we talk to Brian David Johnson, a futurist.  Brian’s business is the future and predicting the future of technology.  Weaving together a mix of ethnography, culture, trends, technology, and science, he helps businesses and enterprises forecast what the next decades may bring.

So what does Brian think the future has in store for us?  We talk about the future of technology,  social media and how it is affecting the next generation, the future of warfare, the technological singularity where AI becomes smarter than humanity, and creative AI.  Brian discusses what it takes to be a futurist.  And we discuss which science fiction movie we think may be the closest to our actual future.

The biggest takeaway from talking to Brian?  We shouldn’t fear the future.  Our devices aren’t in control – we are.  We have the power to make our future – so let’s make it a good one.

You can follow Brian at @BDJFuturist.

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