Ep 65: The Plausibility of Implausible Science Fiction

Implausible Science Fiction

Come on, that can’t really happen, can it?  How often have you torn apart science fiction movies for their sheer implausibility?  Today, we take a look at several implausible science fiction concepts and ask – can they happen in real life?

We’ll span the gamut with all types of movies.  We’ll talk about some pretty cool concepts (some plausible, some not so much):

  • space elevators
  •  something similar to the Star Trek transporter to help you skip your morning commute
  • the technological singularity where AI will become more intelligent than humanity (think the Matrix or Her)
  • invisibility cloaks like what we see in Harry Potter
  • Sharknados
  • asteroids hitting the earth like what we see in Armageddon or Deep Impact

Which of these could really exist?  Take your best guess, and then give the podcast a listen!

(Thanks to one of the patrons of the podcast, Mary, for the suggestion that we discuss a transporter!  You can become a patron of the podcast and provide questions and topics for the podcast here.)

If, after the podcast, you want to read more about these “implausible” science fiction concepts, I suggest reading this report on a space elevator, this article on a quantum transporter, and this information on Near Earth Asteroids and how we can protect ourselves.

Background music you hear are clips from Rewound by Chris Zabriskie licensed under CC by 4.0, Envision by Keven MacLeod  (incompetech.com) licensed under CC by 3.0,  I dunno by grapes featuring J Lang and Morusque licensed under CC by 3.0, Nothing by Kai Engel licensed under CC by 4.0, The Vendetta by Stefan Kartenberg licensed under CC by 3.0, and Crisis by Keven MacLeod  (incompetech.com) licensed under CC by 3.0.

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